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Family law issues are incredibly difficult for families — people are emotionally hurt, angry, frustrated and even scared, and are forced to go through a complex legal proceeding. This is why you need an experienced Family Law Firm at your side. It is especially difficult when people struggle through the laborious court system to judgment and find there were serious errors made affecting them and/or their loved ones. Similarly, it can be frustrating when the opposing side feels compelled to continue the litigation with a review of what has already occurred in the Superior Court.

Get The Personal Attention You Deserve

We at The Law Offices of Saylin & Swisher in Orange, California, understand the stress that these issues cause. As such, we pair our family law firm partners directly with clients to help them directly work toward a solution as efficiently and effectively — one that is tailored to the needs of each unique family situation.

The reality of a larger firm is that you will be working with many different attorneys, and subsequently, because of the high turnover rates at large firms, you may find that you often must re-acquaint a new attorney regarding the specifics of your matter. This equals prolonged difficulty and frustration for you, and unnecessary billing hours charged to bolster a firm’s bottom line.

You Need Solutions, And We Can Help You Find Them

Far too often, we are retained by clients who have unfortunately experienced being a small fish in a large pond. After months or even years, and after sinking several thousands of dollars into the proceedings, these clients learn there has been little progress. Their counsel has kept the case rolling along, letting advantages and opportunities slip away, just to increase the firm’s revenues. At The Law Offices of Saylin & Swisher, we look forward to the opportunity of unwinding the chaos many clients have suffered.

Our greatest success stories, however, come from clients who start their case with our firm, as they benefit from our superior level of attentiveness, service and expertise. Our goal is to resolve your case without delay, so you can move toward rebuilding your life upon the successes we have achieved through the legal process.

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We are centrally located in Orange County, close to the courthouse.

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