Parental Relocation and Your Rights

Life after divorce does continue, and there are often many changes for each parent as they move forward. Changes to employment circumstances, remarriage, economic realities in a changing economy and new opportunities can all occur. Similarly, it is not uncommon for unmarried parents to break up and go in different directions. Each of these circumstances can bring on a change of physical location for a parent and children, and will logically affect co-parenting arrangements.

When one parent needs to move to a new location, the child’s life will be affected. California law – and United States federal law, if you seek to move out of the country – both require legal action when it comes to moving with your children after divorce.

If you would like to either relocate with your children or would like to prevent the other parent from relocating, you will need experienced counsel by your side. Here at The Law Offices of Saylin & Swisher our attorneys can provide you with experienced representation in parental relocation and child custody matters. We will stand up for your rights and relationship with your child.

Parental Relocation and Modifying Your Child Custody Arrangement For The Best Interests of Your Children

A new job, a new marriage, living closer to family, or simply a wish to start fresh somewhere else are just a few of the reasons parents may move away. If you and your child’s other parent cannot agree on a plan for a revised custody arrangement for your children, then the courts will likely become involved.

With any parental relocation after divorce, courts will look at the effect it has on the child and his or her relationship with each parent. If your child lives and spends time with both parents, a judge may not look favorably on a request to move-away. If you have sole custody, however, the Court will want to ensure your move will not harm the other parent’s relationship with your child.

No matter which side of the dispute you are on, our attorneys will help you provide the proper notice and present the right evidence to support your child custody modification. Modifying a custody order is not easy, but it is possible in some cases. Our hands-on representation combined with our extensive experience will put you in the best position to achieve an outcome that meets your needs and the needs of your children.

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