Is a Prenuptial Agreement Right For Me?

Before you get married it is always a smart idea to get conversations about money and finances out onto the table. This way, each person goes into the marriage with their ideas and expectations heard by their soon-to-be spouse, and financial issues are less likely to derail the marriage over time. One of the options that many couples consider is a prenuptial agreement.

In Orange Co., California, prenuptial agreements can provide a great deal of guidance when it comes to property division and spousal support if you and your spouse ever divorce. Prenuptial agreements are a good roadmap in case of divorce, and can make the divorce process faster, smoother, and far less expensive – a process and outcome that most people would like to experience during divorce anyway.

However, for some, a prenuptial agreement can start the marriage off on the wrong foot. Here at The Law Offices of Saylin & Swisher, our attorneys can meet with you, help you evaluate your options, draft an agreement to share with your fiancé, and help you review your fiance’s proposed prenuptial agreement to see if it is viable and the right fit for you and your marriage.

You Have Options In a Prenuptial Agreement

A prenuptial agreement does not automatically mean you will get divorced. Instead, it provides crucial legal and financial protections for both you and your spouse should a divorce happen. Some common reasons that people enter into a prenuptial agreement before a marriage can include:

  • You are both independently wealthy entering the marriage and wish to keep your separate assets in the event of divorce
  • This is a second marriage and you both have adult children to whom you wish to pass assets.
  • You want to place limits on or waive spousal support obligations in the event of divorce.

If you and your spouse are young and do not have many assets, you probably will not need enter into a prenuptial agreement. Many find it wrong to start a marriage assuming it will end in divorce. However, prenuptial agreements have the advantage of starting your marriage on firm footing, because you are already thinking about financial issues that affect many couples in the future.

Or, if you are faced with a prenuptial agreement and feel confused or uncertain about the situation, we are happy to meet with you to discuss your concerns and help you understand your position. Meeting with our lawyers can bring peace of mind and help you get a full understanding of your and your fiancé/fiancée’s situation to determine if the drafted agreement will work for you.

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