Protecting Assets In A High Net Worth Divorce

A High net worth divorce in Orange County and across California has issues above and beyond traditional divorce situations. C-level executives, medical and legal professionals, business owners, and other highly compensated professionals almost always have to work through issues more complex than straightforward property division concerns.

Business owners, for example, may not be able to sell much of anything aside from a few office assets, and there can be complex issues related to accounts payable. Executives and other members of upper management in companies may have performance units, incentives, stock or other complicated forms of discretionary incentives that need to be valued in the immediate and long term to determine their actual values.

All of this work needs to be undertaken with due discretion, as divorce is a private matter. You will also need to experience as little business interruption as possible. Here at our firm, we will make every effort to accommodate your busy professional schedule.

Find Effective High Net Worth Divorce Solutions To Protect What You Value Most

If you are facing a high net worth divorce in Orange County, California, and expect to enter a divorce process that may involve complex financial issues, you will need attorneys with an excellent familiarity of current Orange County family law judges and their court decisions regarding cases like yours. You will undoubtedly require a full and meticulous appraisal of your situation. Here at The Law Offices of Saylin & Swisher we will counsel you on your options and advocate vigorously to protect your financial wellbeing.

We bring more than 45 years of combined family law experience to high net worth individuals seeking divorce, and can work with you to value and divide assets, including:

  • Executive compensation, stock option and payment plans
  • Retirement benefits
  • Employee profit-sharing plans
  • Pension funds
  • Defined benefit plans
  • Executive bonuses
  • 401(k)s
  • Real estate/property holdings
  • Businesses

As necessary, we are prepared to partner with our vetted forensic and financial experts to ensure a comprehensive valuation and tracing of all applicable marital assets. We encourage you to get in touch as soon as possible. Call to schedule an initial consultation. (949) 577-9240 or email the firm.

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